Do any of these sound like you?

  • Are you struggling to figure out what to put into your Relief Teaching Kit and, what to leave out?

  • Can you confidently walk into any classroom and teach any grade or subject with the resource kit that you are currently using?

  • Do you feel like you're going around in circles, not making progress?


Oceanview Resources ® cuts through the stress and overwhelm and gives you a simple, step-by-step method to streamline your workload and build an engaging and practical resource kit for yourself

My range of courses will help you with many of the more challenging aspects of working as a Relief/Supply or Substitute Teacher




Professional Tips

Create an engaging and 

Comprehensive teaching 

Kit that will serve you well for years to come.

Write a winning Resume that will impress schools and executive staff.



Build Relationships





All community agencies

Stress Free Course

Complete at your own pace

Save money with the included resources in the modules

Transform yourself into the #1 requested Reliever at the schools of your choice

Bonus Materials

Amazing content available for you in each chapter

  • Preparation Free Games Book

    Have you ever needed a preparation free game in a hurry? Included in the first module of this course is a brilliant, handy resource book-ready for you to print off, or keep for classroom use on the storage device of your choice

  • Bonus Material in each Chapter

    Each module has additional PDF downloads for you to add to your bag of tricks to make it even more wonderful and useful. Engaging and proven resources that I have used over my many years as a Relief Teacher

  • Bonus Videos

    Additional videos to give added value to this course. Hear from other teachers who are working in the role and offering amazing strategies and suggestions for you to implement in your classroom teaching. Create your own classroom presence by using all of the tips suggested in this grea selection of videos.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Master Course for Relief Teachers -Suitable for Emergency, Supply and Substitute Pages.

  • 2

    Preparing Your Resume

  • 3

    What might your day look like?

    • What makes relief teachers so important

    • What do you want to bring to schools as a Relief Teacher?

    • How do you choose a school?

    • What to expect in your day? Some tips for arrival at a new school

    • What your day may look like Final Branded

    • Workbook- What your day may look like

    • Classroom Contract Tip Sheet

    • Personal reflection sheet

    • The best Classroom Tool

    • Teachers make a difference. What is the evidence?

    • From the mouth of babes!!!

    • Let's Collaborate. What is the most challenging part of being a Relief Teacher for you.

  • 4

    The Importance of Building Relationships

    • Relief Teachers are an essential part of every School Community

    • Building Relationships Workbook

    • Building Relationships in the School Handouts

    • 4 steps to Effective Communication

    • Icebreaker Booklet

    • More Icebreakers

    • Student Connections and Ice Breakers-Video

    • Student Connections and Ice Breakers-Download

  • 5

    Building your Resource Kit

  • 6

    Building Resources around a Theme

    • Using the Thematic approach

    • Template for planning a thematic lesson-ANIMALS (PDF)

    • Template for planning a thematic lesson-ANIMALS (powerpoint)

    • Lesson plans and activities based on the book Lester and Clyde

    • Inspirational websites

    • Plan your own activities around a theme or a book. Let's share!!

  • 7

    Suggested Websites

    • How exactly does a Google search work?

    • Useful website Links from OBW-88 Pages of links to explore!!!!

    • Essential links for literacy and numeracy-52 pages

    • Google like a pro-Tips and Tricks

  • 8

    Behaviour and Classroom Management

    • Behaviour and Classroom Management - Facing the Challenges

    • How to manage Student Behaviour when Relief Teaching

    • Teaching Tips for Relief/Substitute Teachers- A fun video

    • Tips to Creating a Positive Learning Environment as a Relief Teacher

    • Giving Instructions and making sure students all listen -Quiz

    • Giving Praise and Reward- Quiz

    • Defusing a conflict between students- Quiz

    • Dealing with a noisy classroom - Quiz

    • Task Refusal- Quiz

    • Behaviour Management Summary of Tips and recommended resources and downloads.

    • Getting the Simple things right- By Charlie Taylor

    • Classroom Behaviour Management Strategy downloads- Additional Resources

  • 9

    Keeping on track with your Records

    • Amazing Relief Teacher Top Tips

    • Relief Teaching Booking Form

    • Relief Teacher Daily Work Pad Timetable

    • Relief Teacher Checklist and Feedback Form

  • 10

    The importance of self Care

    • Learn to shine bright- the importance of self care for teachers

    • Limiting_Beliefs

    • Do you manage your time well?

    • Managing your time

    • Time management for teachers-Book Preview

    • Chunking your time

    • Dealing with paperwork

    • How do you spend your time?

    • Limiting_Beliefs

    • valueadd

    • Having the Time of our lives

  • 11

    Eating a healthy diet, while on the go

    • 7 Tips for Healthy Eating

    • food label poster

    • Meal planner and recipe ideas

  • 12

    Bonus Files ✅

    • Enjoy some Free resources to add to your Bag of Tricks

    • Free resources compiled and generously shared

  • 13

    Working Full Time on a class- More to come

    • Writing an application for a teaching position

    • Helpful tips from Bec West on writing a successful job application

    • Tips for Full time Teaching


Nikki Tester

Well Hello!! My name is Nikki Tester and after 40 years of teaching, I thought it was well overdue to start sharing my experiences, mentorship and strategies for creating meaningful and engaging material for you to use in your daily teaching. About twenty years ago, I began to build a resource kit for myself when I began casual teaching, and then I realised just how many ideas and activities I had been using over the years. I have spent many hours searching through websites, searching books for great ideas and activities. Since then I have created over hundreds of resources that are perfect for helping you to build up your resource teaching kit, whether you are casual, temporary or full time in primary school education. I embrace and thrive on integrating technology in education, and my resources address the changing nature of the 21st century classroom. I enjoy mentoring and supporting my cohorts through my Facebook, Pinterest , resources and blogs. Once a are a learner for life....I hope that I can continue to inspire and support. Teacher life can be amazingly hectic, and with that in mind my resources are created for all teachers of children aged 5-12 in primary /elementary schools across a range of subjects and resource types. In my store you will find • Resources for relief teachers - • Teacher to get started, building your resource kit for free!!, • Finding your way around the internet with my easy click and go resources • Units of work across all curriculum areas - ocean themed, animal themed and fairy tales for the younger students • Resources for Numeracy across a range of a topics and age groups • Resources for Literacy across a range of topics and age groups • Print and go resources • Fast finishing activities and brain breaks • Behaviour Management resources Enjoy and's great to have you here. Exciting times for me as I move to the next level and present my wealth of knowledge in a course for you.

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